Education in the Northern Cape Province


The Northern Cape is located in the north-western corner of South Africa and has a shoreline of approximately 313 km along the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest of the nine Provinces of South Africa accounting for 30, 5% of the total land mass of the country. Despite its incredible size as compared to the rest of the country, the province only accommodates 2,2% of the total South African population as per Provincial Mid-Year Estimates 2013 conducted by Statistics South Africa. 


The province is divided into five administrative districts namely:-


Frances Baard - Houses the capital of the province, Kimberley, and accommodates 38.3% of the total provincial population. The district has 118 public ordinary schools and 8 special schools as per 2019 preliminary figures, with 94 531 learners and 3 086 educators. A large percentage of the school infrastructure in the district is deemed to be acceptable.


John Taolo Gaetsewe - This district was previously known as the Kgalagadi district and was demarcated to the province in 2006. Kuruman is the capital of this district. The district has the highest number of schools with 171 public ordinary schools and 1 special-needs school recorded in 2019 preliminary figures,, with 77 417 learners and 2 469 educators. The socio-political and economical history of this district renders it the district with the largest number of extremely disadvantaged schools. Most of the children (31.9%) in the age range 0 – 14 are in this district. Northern Cape Department of Education 


Namakwa - This district is located on the boundaries of the Western Cape with Springbok as its capital. The district has the lowest unemployment rate of only 16,8%. As at 2019 preliminary figures, 72 ordinary schools and 1 special school are located in this district with 21 908 learners and 777 educators. This district is of the largest per square kilometre area, however is home to the lowest population. Most schools in this district are in remote areas and a large number of them have infrastructure assets which are under-utilised. This district has the largest number of school hostels in the province, due to its geographical size.


Pixley Ka Seme - has the highest population between the ages of 15 – 34 in the province at 39.8%. As per 2019 preliminary figures,, the total number of public ordinary schools in this district is 88. The district has 46 077 learners and 1 471 educators. The capital of the district is De Aar. This district is vast and has the second least number of the province. The towns are far from each other and thus school infrastructure assets are under-utilised.


ZF Mgcawu- Formerly known as Siyanda District, has Upington as the capital of the district. 97 public ordinary schools and 1 special school are located in the district according to the 2019 preliminary figures, which provide for 57 865 learners and 1 807 educators. School infrastructure in the district is well maintained and well utilised except for the remote areas of Mier.


Public Schools in the Northern Cape 

Private Schools in the Northern Cape