7 schools closed in the Province


The Northern Cape Department of Education can confirm that 7 schools have been closed thus far due to COVID-19 infections. The latest school that has been closed is Veritas High School in the Pixley Ka Seme District, which was closed last week Friday.


The following schools have been closed thus far:

1. Carnavon Primary School

2. Enoch Mthetho High School 

3. Ikhwezi Lokusa Primary School 

4. Phillipstown High School 

5. Zingisani Primary School 

6. Beacon Primary School 

7. Veritas High School


These schools are mainly located within the Pixley Ka Seme District, where mass testing is currently underway by the Department of Health.  


We must emphasize that these are individual cases that have been reported and we are working with the Department of Health to establish the contact traces. Once a positive case is reported, the Department immediately disinfects the school. We will further determine whether staff or learners at the affected schools will require psycho-social support and assist in this regard.


Meanwhile, we have received the results back of the contraces for Zingisani Primary School, and we are preparing to reopen the school.


We further encourage educators, parents and learners to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations to continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly, maintain social distancing and to always wear your mask to curb the spread or contracting the coronavirus.