2021 Online Admissions


The Northern Cape Department of Education will be going live with the 2021 online admission system from 14-30 September 2020. We encourage all parents/legal guardians to make use of the online admission system to apply for your child and secure his/her space at a public ordinary school for the 2021 school academic year.


The system will go live on Monday, 14 September 2020,at 09h00, when parents/legal guardians can start applying. We would like to appeal to the public at large, to apply on your own, before making use of the identified walk-in centres per District. The online admission system is user friendly and will guide the applicant step by step until your application is complete. You can access http://ncdoeadmissions.org either from a smartphone, laptop or tablet to apply online. 


The Northern Cape still finds itself in the midst of the pandemic and therefore we must adhere to the COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.  The Department has identified walk-in centres in each District that will assist those without a device or internet connectivity to apply for their child. We plead with the public to provide their support and cooperation in this regard, especially when visiting the walk in centres. Therefore we strongly advise parents and legal guardians who can apply on their own, to do so and limit your contact with fellow applicants.


In the past, parents would queue at schools to seek placement for their child and by introducing the online admission system, we want to curb this practice. The online admissions system would serve no purpose, if parents/legal guardians opt to rather make use of the walk-in centres, instead of applying on their own.


We will monitor the use of the online admissions system and walk-in centres very closely and act swiftly where challenges or system glitches are experienced. We have assigned the following admission coordinators per District to attend to the queries or information relating to the online admissions:

Frances Baard: Mr E Mothibi - 053-8301600

John Toalo Gaetsewe: Mr K Masegela - 053-7739626

Namakwa: Mr C Cloete - 027-7188735

Pixley Ka Seme: Ms L Mdekazi - 053-6329286

ZF Mgcawu: Mr D de Wee - 054-3376422


Lastly, the success of the online admissions system, depends on the cooperation we receive from the public. Remember, with every application there will be required documentation that must be submitted within 7 days and the placement of your child will be done according to the specified criteria. All applications submitted after the 30th of September will be acknowledged and recorded as late and applicants will be considered based on the availability of space. Appeals must be lodged with the Office of the MEC within 7 days from receiving a notification from the school. Appeals will only be considered if they are based on incorrect/unfair application criteria set by the Head of the Department.