HOD sets record straight


Kimberley - The Northern Cape Department of Education HOD Tshepo Pharasi called on a media briefing session to give clarity on speculation issues that have been making rounds in the media recently.


 Topping the list on those issues included the suspensions of school principals and their ultimate dismissal, appointments, issues involving temporary educators and also rural incentives.   Case of those suspended remains common; some of the cases that lead to suspensions are mismanagement of school funds and poor work performance.


Speaking during the briefing, Pharasi said the department is not going to have any space for those who mismanage school funds. “As the accounting officer of the NCDoE I’m empowered and guided by the employment of Educators Act, the Public Finance Management Act to deal with all matters pertaining to education in the province”, he added.


HOD further indicated that when the department allocate money to schools, principals should be accountable of those funds and also guide the School Governing Body members on how are they going spend the money economically, meanwhile the department will not jump on to  fire any principal/educator accused of mismanagement  of school funds without taking them to disciplinary hearing.


Speaking on the issues of appointment, he said principals are appointed by the HOD following the process of screening, short-listing, interviews and recommendations made by the subcommittee of the SGB. He further indicated that vacant positions of educators are to be occupied in the space of two weeks.


Pharasi further encouraged educators to stick to the main priority job which is to advance the vision of the curriculum and also developing learners into critical and independent thinkers who will assist the country in the future in finding lasting solutions on various challenges that this country encounter.


“As the department we also condemn this culture of abusing innocent souls coupled with closure of schools and abandoning of responsibility, to the department this is a cause of concern that cannot be tolerated”. He concluded.