MEC meets concerned members and parents


The MEC for Education, Ms Martha Bartlett met with concerned members and parents of the Jan Kempdorp community on Friday, 7 April, in an attempt to resolve the disruption of schooling in the area last week.

The community tabled a list of concerns and allegations with the MEC during their engagement which affected learners and educators of Tlhwahalang High School and the new Valspan High School. Most of the concerns that was raised relates to community involvement and lack of consultation. The MEC committed to investigate all the matters and provide feedback to the community as soon as possible.

Together we resolved that, schooling will return back to normal, whilst the MEC is investigating all the matters. A follow up meeting will be convened with the community to provide proper feedback relating to all matters. The MEC thanked the community at large for their commitment and support as we are working towards resolving their concerns.

Indeed it is our collective responsibility, as Government, communities, parents and educators to ensure that our learners have access to quality education. Let us continue to bring positive change in our schooling communities as the youth is our future.