MEC pays visits to ZFM Matriculants 


The MEC for Education, Ms Martha Bartlett visited two schools in the ZF Mgcawu District, SC Kearns and Saul Damon Secondary Schools in support of the Class of 2016. This visit forms part of her provincial programme to ensure that she engage all learners, especially the Grade 12 learners to encourage and motivate them prior to their final examination.


Teachers and parents should support all learners to ensure that they perform their very best. Learners must ensure that studying forms part of their daily activities as part of their preparation.


MEC Bartlett's recipe for success:

Get in a routine

  • ·         Review study material daily;
  • ·         Develop a study table in an organised manner;


Create a conducive study environment

  • ·         Avoid any distractions such as television, noise and cellphone;
  • ·         Keep all study material at hand to ensure no interruptions;


Reading and writing

  • ·         Read 1000 words daily;
  • ·         Write a minimum of 400 words daily;
  • ·         Reading is essential as it will help you the understand questions;


Previous examination papers

  • ·         Use of previous examinations are beneficial;
  • ·         Visit the Department of Basic Education webpage,;
  • ·         Download the Soundcloud application for the ultimate learning experience;


Look after yourself

  • ·         Make sure you drink enough water and eat healthy;
  • ·         Get sufficient sleep every night and exercise daily;


How can parents assist?

  • ·         Make sure that it is quite where your child studies;
  • ·         Make the examination table accessible to everyone;
  • ·         Reduce your child’s duties so that he/she can focus on the examination;
  • ·         Monitor the studies of your child;
  • ·         Work with your child to resolve a problem instead of taking it over;
  • ·         Be a rolemodel of studying, read with your child and remain committed for lifelong learning;
  • ·         Be part of what your child learn and their everyday life;
  • ·         Most importantly; show interest in their school and homework;

  “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special.” ― Nelson Mandela