2016 Provincial Astro-quiz competition


The annual 2016 Provincial Astro-Quiz competition was held in Sutherland as from 26 – 27 August 2016.


The aim of this competition is to stimulate all the Grade seven (07) learners in all Primary schools who show or display great interest for Astronomy and who later wants to pursue Science related career. A maximum of four learners per school are allowed to enter. 


The competition is preceded by District eliminations were the top two (02) schools will represent their respective District at the Provincial level.  For 2016, Oranje Diamant Primary School from Hopetown represented Pixley ka Seme District for the first time in this prestigious competition.


This initiative is a partnership between Department of Education and South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO).


Seven (07) schools that participated in this year’s Provincial competition are as follows:

(i)        Pixley ka Seme – Oranje Diamant Primary

(ii)       Namakwa – Calvinia Primary and Loeriesfontein Primary

(iii)      JT Gaetsewe – Wrenchville Primary and Gasebonwe Jantjie Primary

(iv)     Frances Baard – St Peters Primary and Hartswater Primary


A round robin system is used as an elimination criterion for all participating schools at a Provincial level.  After the final round of elimination, tour around the Southern Africa Largest Telescope (SALT) and other telescopes on site was undertaken to familiarise both learners and educators about the operations of the facility.


All learners were awarded with Certificate of participation and a mug from SAAO in the competition as a sign of gesture for their effort and dedication. 


Only the top three (03) schools from the last five (05) schools that made it to the fourth round were selected.  But only the school that obtain the first position will represent the Province at the National Astro-quiz competition. 2016 National Astro-quiz competition will be held on 09th October 2016 in Pretoria.


The outcome of the 2016 Provincial Astro quiz top three schools is as follows:

(i)        St Peters Primary from Frances Baard District – First position (first entrants to the competition)

(ii)       Hartswater Primary from Frances Baard District – Second position

(iii)      Gasebonwe Jantjie Primary from John Taolo Gaetsewe District – Third position


Provincial winners each received a tablet, a gold medal and a trophy (floating trophy).