Programme aimed to help learners build bright future


The Northern Cape Department of Education as part of our responsibility to educate our learners have introduced the Emancipation of the Girl Child Learner programme to actively engage pupils on matters that may negatively affect their schooling career.


The Emancipation of the Girl Child Learner Programme was launched in Bankhara-Bodulong High School in the John Toalo Gaetsewe District.


In most cases, learners are exposed to social ills that are prevalent in our communities which lead to teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse. These factors contribute significantly to the early drop out of learners. In return, these learners will not be able to participate in the economy of the country as they will not meet the minimum requirement of the job market.


In an attempt to curb the impact thereof and prevent these learners from becoming part of the statistics, the department has introduced this programme to actively engaged boys and girls of schooling age on these the topics of teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse.


Speaking at the launch, departmental programme coordinator Thobile Komazi said:   “As communities we have a responsibility to guard our children against these evils that have already destroyed so many lives and prosperous futures of our youth. The new democratic dispensation in South Africa has brought about freedom and democracy, coupled with a number of opportunities and initiatives for especially our youth to pursue.


Adolescence is a critical period of development where young girls and boys are grappling with issues of self-identity and are bombarded by social challenges of HIV/AIDS, sexuality, alcohol and drug abuse. The John Toalo Gaetsewe District has the 5th highest delivery rate (birth) in girls under the age of 18 years out of 81 Districts in South Africa.


The Curriculum is designed and aimed at supporting the cognitive development of learners to enhance their personal decision making skills for responsible social behavioural conduct. In support to the Curriculum programme, we engage learners through different activities, particularly designed to handle all social ills. These programmes include; Peer Education, Educator and Learner Life Skills Training, Social mobilization with communities and school based advocacy, as well as Care and Support programmes for all vulnerable learners to be referred.


The department has appointed Tshela Bophelo Wellness Solutions as a service provider with the requisite skills and capacity to deliver in the need to respond optimally to the challenges faced by learners, starting with the flagship programme in the John Toalo Gaetsewe District.