World Teachers Day


The MEC for Education in the Northern Cape, Ms Martha Bartlett joins the rest of the world today to honour the role and importance of teachers in the classroom and society, on World Teacher's Day.


This day aims to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation for the contribution teachers make to education and development across the globe. Teaching is an obligation that falls on the shoulders of teachers - a resolve to take our future in our own hands and determine our own destiny as a nation.


I would like to salute those teachers who on daily basis go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our learners have the best chance of success in the world as well rounded active citizens.


Teachers are constantly confronted with various ills of society and often have to deal with situations that go beyond the realm of their training. When no one is looking they are hard at work to shape and sharpen the minds of leaders to come. The Northern Cape Department of Education will recognise and acknowledge these hardworking teachers at the National Teaching Awards that will take place on the 3rd of November 2017 in Kimberley. 


I also want to take this opportunity to encourage young energetic youth to take interest in the teaching profession and seize career and bursary opportunities availed by government to attract young teachers.


I wish all our teachers in our province all of the best, stay committed and continue to do your best. We remain committed to uphold the value of the teaching profession in all our schools.