Our learners safety is of utmost importance


The MEC for Education, Ms Martha Bartlett accompanied by stakeholders from Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison and SAPS embarked on an unannounced visit to NJ Heyns High School, focussing on school safety and staying safe during the festive season.


Many learners in our communities are exposed the unwanted interferences which poses a negative impact on their education. Societal challenges that manifest itself within our communities are definitely spiralling into our schools. In most cases, it is the safety and well-being of our learners that are affected.


This situation necessitates us a Government and every member of society to integrate and collaborate all our efforts to ensure that we alert all our learners of the dangers and risks out there, especially as we approach this festive season.


Our learners fall prey to drug peddlers, abusive households, teenage pregnancy, alcoholics and gangsterism. All these societal ills are derailing the focus on their schoolwork, tarnishing their aspirations and dreams and may lead to an early drop-out.


We deem it necessary to have these engagements with learners, targeting various schools and being proactive in alerting them on the dangers that awaits them outside the school premises. As parents, we send our children to school, expecting them to safe, whether inside or outside the school premises.


The MEC encouraged learners to have mutual respect towards their fellow learners and teachers. The Northern Cape Department of Education will continue to drive school safety programmes, in partnership with the SAPS and the Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison. She further encouraged parents, as the first educational institute is their home:

  • ·         To instil good discipline and values in their children;
  • ·         To always know the whereabouts of the children;
  • ·         Not to send children to the shop unaccompanied;
  • ·         Ensure that they use cellphones responsibly;
  • ·         Report behavioural changes immediately to the Principal;
  • ·         Support your children with their schoolwork;
  • ·         Become actively involved in the lives of your children.


The Northern Cape Department of Education together with all our partners will continue with unannounced visit to schools to ensure the safety of educators and learners at all our schools. We view all our schools as centres of excellence and a safe haven for learners and teachers.


It is our plea, that every member of our society take hands in protecting our learners against all forms of abuse and social ills which may influence and tarnish the future of our youth. As we approach this festive season, our learners will be the vulnerable targets in our communities, and they'll look up to us as parents and community members to protect them.