2018 Learner Admissions


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The Northern Cape Department of Education regards early enrolment of learners as a priority for the start of a successful academic year. In preparation for the 2018 learner admission, the Department has issued Circular No 5 of 2017 in conjunction with Circular No. 58 of 2016 to guide schools on the administration of learner admissions in Public Ordinary Schools.

Despite the closing date of 31 May 2017, learner admissions are still in progress as a result of late applications. Up to date, we have received a total of 20646 learner admissions applications only in the Frances Baard and John Toalo Gaetsewe Districts, where we are experiencing the highest learner enrolment numbers. Included in this figure, is a total of 2572 late learner admissions that were received after the closing date, which is in itself a significant number of learners seeking placement. 


As a department we cannot turn a blind eye to these applicants, as education is a constitutional right. Relating to the status quo on the current admission process, the Department already placed 19127 learners in schools in the Frances Baard and John Toalo Gaetsewe District, and is working tirelessly to place the outstanding 1519 learners. The chances of this figure increasing is highly possible during the reopening of schools in January 2018. We have therefore taken a decision to identify two central venues in Kimberley and Kuruman that will specifically deal with late applications. The District Offices in Frances Baard (Kimberley, Hadison Park Offices) and the John Toalo Gaetsewe (Mothibistad, Baitiredi Offices) will manage the late applications from the 15th of January 2018from 08:00 to 16:00. All other schools outside Kimberley and Kuruman will manage their own late admissions starting on the 17th of January 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 daily (Monday to Friday), to avoid disturbing valuable learning and teaching time.


The Department is busy finalising the learner placements, including those who have submitted appeals to the Office of the MEC. We are experiencing a high enrolment volume in Grade R, Grade 1 and Grade 8. We have completed the promotion and progression of learners, and determining how it will affect the learner admissions at identified "hotspot" schools.


However, we must indicate, that we are experience a challenge with regards to the placement of Grade R's, especially in the Frances Baard District. We are encouraging Grade R parents to start looking for placement at Early Childhood Development (ECD) community based sites, as we cannot guarantee placement at public schools. It is an unfortunate situation we find ourselves in and have therefore prioritised the construction of 56 classrooms and 36 ECD classrooms in the first quarter of 2018.


We will provide the parents with an update on the status quo of learners admissions before the 2018 school academic year commence. We further urge parents to cooperate and work with us to place learners at a school where space is available.