Update on the Admission of Learners


The Northern Cape Department of Education is well on track to have all learners of compulsory school going age placed before Monday, 15 February 2021, when schools will reopen for learners. The admissions of learners are 100% completed in the Namakwa and Pixley Ka Seme Districts. The Frances Baard, ZF Mgcawu and John Toalo Gaetsewe Districts are expected to conclude all placements by the latest on Sunday,14 February 2021.


The Office of the MEC has been inundated with Admission Appeals from parents seeking placement at a preferred school. The Department is also aware that a significant number of parents have appealed to the Office of the MEC whilst they have received an offer for a school applied to. This situation created major delays for the Department.


A large number of parents delayed the entire process by not accepting or declining the spaces offered to them although they were given more than 7 days to do so.  These learners were ultimately allocated spaces by the system at a school applied to.


We have managed to already place 1 549 learners who Appealed to the Office of the MEC, and will process the remaining 2 466 over the next couple of days.


The Department has indicated from the onset that there are limited school spaces available for Grade R. Parents of learners that have not been allocated a space at a public school will be required to enrol their child/ren at a Community Based Site. 


Parents should note that school-hopping would not be allowed where the current school offers the next grade. Middle grade applications will therefore only be considered where school spaces do exist and parents relocated from a District or Province. 


The Department will ensure that all learners of compulsory school going age learners, age 7-15 or Grade 1 and Grade 8 will be placed. This will, however, be at a school that has space and not necessarily at a school of choice.


The Department learned valuable lessons with the new Online Admission System, which was a first experience for the Department as well as parents. We thank all parents, those that commended the Department for the well-functioning system and also those that have criticized us. In the overall, the experience encountered by parents differed from one to another and we take note of all the comments raised. We are confident that with time, the efficiency of the system will definitely improve. The Department is looking forward to a smooth start to the 2021 school academic year and wish all educators and learners well with the academic year.