Jolly Phonics Reading Programme in Full Swing


In an exciting development for literacy education, the Northern Cape Department of Education has commenced the implementation of the renowned Jolly Phonics Reading Programme from May 13th to May 17th, 2024 at the newly build Kimberley Academy Primary School. This initiative, targeting Grade R practitioners and Grade 1-3 teachers from selected schools across all districts, marks a significant milestone in enhancing English literacy skills among young learners.


Jolly Phonics stands as a beacon of effective literacy instruction, teaching children to read and write using synthetic phonics. Operating in over 100 countries, this methodology emphasizes the teaching of letter sounds rather than the traditional alphabet, utilizing 42 phonic building blocks. Through blending and segmenting, children decode the English language from an early age, laying a robust foundation for lifelong literacy.


The Department of Education is proud to report the ongoing training of over 650 teachers across all five districts of the province. Hosted at the New Kimberley Academy Primary School, this comprehensive training session is led by esteemed presenters Dr. Daisy Reddy (Director of Universal Learning Solutions) and Mrs. Sian Summers Issa (Professional Jolly Phonics Trainer).