As a learner you are expected to:

·       accept that the main reason for being in school is to learn and develop academically, socially and culturally;

·       adhere to school rules;

·       respect the legitimacy and authority of teachers;

·       participate in Learner Representative Councils (LRCs) to safeguard your interests;

·       show respect to other learners and not to discriminate; and

·   avoid anti-social behaviour like theft, vandalism, assault, sexual harassment, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as other activities that disrupt the learning process.



Lost Matric Certificate

Application for a Replacement Certificate

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Circular E5 of 2018- Common certification and re-marking tariffs 

Umalusi Directives for Cerfiticates

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NSC Exam November 2017 Timetable

Senior Certificate Examinations Timetable 2018

Matric Second Chance Programme


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