Learner Admissions


As stipulated in the South African Schools Act of 1996, all children between the ages of 7 and 15 are compelled to attend school.  Parents and guardians should ensure that all learners of this age are registered to go to school and that their children attend school regularly. 


It is the responsibility of every parent and guardian to ensure that their children are registered for the following year, well before the end of the current school year.  Parents may register children who are supposed to start school next year, near their home or workplace. It is however important to check the registration deadlines of individual provinces.


Provincial and District Admissions Contact Details


Head Office                                       Mr ABF Malunga                   Tel: 053 839 6803/8/9


Frances Baard District Office            Mr EBG Mothibi                     Tel: 053 830 1600


John Taolo Gaetsewe                      Mr K Masegela                      Tel: 053 773 9601


Namakwa District Office                   Mr RI Kloete                          Tel 027 718 8660


Pixley ka Seme                                Ms L Mdekazi                         Tel: 053 632 9201


ZF mgcawu District Office                Mr DL De Wee                       Tel 054 337 6303



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