Infrastructure Development


This 2019/20 Project List have been compiled and is aligned to the Norms and Standards for Public School Infrastructure (November 2013). The first priority as stated in the Norms and Standards include all full inappropriate structures (asbestos, wood, metal) and schools with no access to water, sanitation and electricity. To date the department has attended to the basic services and attempt to prioritise two replacements of inappropriate structures each financial year. The Project List indicates the Replacement Schools that is currently active in various stages which indicates that the Department is actively attempting to eradicate these structures, a total of R 137 million is budgeted for this programme in 2019/20.


Target dates have been set for the upgrading of reliability of water, electricity, sanitation and required infrastructure. Schools have furthermore been prioritised for the provisioning of new infrastructure to achieve the implementation of core educational spaces in the province.


This Northern Cape Department of Education Project List is updated annually 


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