Strategic Planning


The Five Year Strategic Plan (2015-2019) of the Northern Cape Education Department is informed by the long term vision of the entire country as outlined by the National Development Plan (NDP), the current electoral cycle and administration’s Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) priorities as well as the Action Plan 2019: Towards Schooling 2030


Education remains one of the apex priorities and should clearly signal the importance attached to the responsibility to deliver on that mandate and spur all stakeholders in education to rededicate themselves to their individual and collective responsibilities to respond appropriately to that call.


The Northern Cape Department of Education (NCDoE) consider education as the most important investment for our country, since it has intrinsic and instrumental value in creating societies that are better able to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.


The Northern Cape Department of Education’s plans for the next five years will be derived in particular from, and directed according to the elements of the National Development Plan. This new strategic plan is the first phase of the NDP implementation.


The NDP seeks to tighten the relationship between planning, implementation and monitoring as critical elements towards improved learning and teaching. Amongst others, given the concurrency of the education function, this would include the development of appropriate minimum norms and standards to hold provinces accountable for strategic actions that will lead to improved performance. The main objective of this Strategic Priority is to contribute to the reduction of inequality and focus our skills and education system towards the delivery of quality outcomes.


Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020 

Strategic Plan 2010 - 2014